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Gunu-Story - Bible Translation

Uncle no longer feeds nephew rocks to ward off evil spirits.

He was not the boy’s favorite uncle. A superstitious animist, he fed his nephew rocks to ward off evil spirits. These spirits were never appeased. When Jesus was introduced in their village in Cameroon, the Gunu people learned about a God who did not demand abusive rituals. They set aside wrong beliefs as they began to hear Scripture spoken in Nugunu. And as they welcomed the Holy Spirit, they experienced peace.

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Not long ago, Quechua women were beaten and not allowed in church.

For centuries, Quechua women were treated like cattle. Even after the Gospel came to their homeland high in the Central Andes, women were not allowed inside a church. But God’s Word translated into the heart language began to transform lives. Men stopped beating their wives. Drunkenness subsided dramatically. Discrimination and abuse have subsided and now Quechua women can attend church. 



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