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God’s Truth Is Hidden From A Billion People Without a Full Bible in Their Language

The hope of Christ is hidden from thousands of people groups.

They do not have the Bible completed in their own language. Spiritual bondage, poverty, the persecution of believers, and entire countries closed to missionary work make matters even worse.

They lack the Word of God in their own language.

Even if we knew where every group was, could we find a local speaker willing to help translate the Bible? Assuming this person does exist, immediate needs and family pressure may overshadow their desire to translate God’s Word. Even if they have the time, how do they collect the necessary tools or training to properly translate something as important as the Word of God?

Reaching the remaining language groups seems impossible.

The fact that we still have 4500 languages in need of translation makes the goal seem hopeless. It begs the question, “Is the Great Commission even possible?” It’s when things seem impossible that God shows up to claim another victory.

Bible translation is always done through the help of the Holy Spirit.

We can’t walk the streets of the 10/40 window looking for that special person to help translate the Word
of God. But in some miraculous way God always provides a team willing to translate the Bible into their
language. This has happened almost 1000 times with The Seed Company. God is the one who builds
the team through the local church and international partners and gives them both the desire and ability
to translate.


One person’s willingness generates a team of success.

Starting with one translator, a whole team is
formed. This is where your partnership makes
all the difference. There are hundreds of
language projects waiting to begin translation.
It is people like you that provide the resources
to make this happen, and The Seed Company
is here to support your efforts.

Partner with The Seed Company to advance the Gospel.

We use innovative methods that empower local speakers to lead translation work, accelerating the
impact. This happens with proper mentoring, language training, and technology designed for Bible
translation in the field. The needs of the community dictate which passages of Scripture will be
translated first, ensuring the greatest impact for the Bibleless people.

You and your circle of influence can end Bible poverty in this generation.

Become an advocate, and motivate your family, friends, and church to join you in prayer and financial
support of Bible translation. Once the work begins, hope spreads throughout communities as people
learn of the saving grace of Christ. Be a part of the generation that makes disciples of all nations.


The day all people will have access to the Word of God is approaching.

Innovation has rapidly accelerated the work,
and we’re on the verge of a historic
achievement. With your partnership this will
happen. You can help share the hope of
Christ with thousands. Take 3 minutes now and start a campaign and help end Bible poverty.

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